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Toronto boat rentals have never been simpler! To ensure your satisfaction, please take a moment to read our FAQs and rental policies.

  • Off-boarding
    Captains reserve 15-minutes to dock and off-board all guests safely at the end of your designated time slot.
  • Cancellation Policy
    You have one week (cancellation time may be subject to change depending on captain) to cancel your yacht rental to receive a full refund of your down-deposit. Cancellations with less than a 7-day notice prior to rental period are non-refundable and down-deposit will be kept by the captain.
  • Tipping Etiquette
    Our captains and first mates work hard and put a lot of effort to make sure you and your group has the best experience possible. Although not mandatory, we kindly ask you to take care of them during or after the event. Please be aware that tips are NOT included in our rental base price.
  • Reservation Policy
    Reservations can be made for yacht rentals of minimum time slots as allotted by captain. A 50% down-deposit is required when making any reservation, payable to captain. CityBoat Rentals strives to provide the yacht requested by the client but from time-to time, and due to unforeseen circumstances such as mechanical yacht damage, it may not be available or in safe condition to do so. CityBoat Rentals reserves the right to substitute a comparable vessel. If no vessel or alternate booking time is available, a refund of your down-deposit will be granted. The rental period must end as per schedule. If you decide to extend, you are welcome to take it up with the captain. Please let captain know in advance in case another group is booked after yours. Extra costs will be handled directly by captain.
  • Boat Rules: Safety & Respect
    Do not BREAK anything. Do not BURN anything. Physical violence, threats, and lack of respect for the rules etc. will NOT be tolerated and the captain reserves their right to bring the vessel back to land if such issues arise. The captain will reiterate their boat rules prior to departure. There is ZERO tolerance for any breach of the rules, damages, or putting anyone, including the crew in danger. This will result in the early end of the group's trip. NO REFUNDS. Please respect the captain’s individual rules, preferences, and regulations.
  • Bathroom Policy
    For yachts to travel safely on the water, the marine sanitation system must function properly. For this reason, PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH wet wipes, toilet paper, paper towel, and feminine products (ex. tampons, tampon applicators, pads etc.) There will be a designated disposal system explained by captain/first mate. If marine system becomes dysfunctional, the captain will be forced to return the yacht to shore.
  • Children on board
    Not all vessel come equipped with life vests suitable for children, only adults. Guests are required to bring their own lifejackets for any children in their group.
  • Shoe Policy
    Due to the slippery and sensitive nature of the Yacht’s flooring and deck, shoes are NOT to be worn onboard of the boat. Before boarding the vessel, each member should take off their shoes/flip flops and place them in the designated shoe area.
  • Bad Weather Policy
    No refund is given due to weather conditions (rain, high winds, etc.) at the time or during a yacht rental period. CityBoat Rentals cannot be held responsible for weather conditions or weather condition issues. Yacht rentals can be rescheduled to the next available date of your choice in the event of poor, or unsafe weather conditions if available.
  • General Information
    All rates are in Canadian Dollars Gasoline, oil, and captain’s time are included in the rental rates. Request your boat as early as you can to best assure your preferred vessel and availability A deposit is mandatory to guarantee a reservation. Please note that all of our yacht rentals operate on a first-come-first-serve basis, meaning we cannot reserve any group’s timeslot without a deposit collected. Please check your booking confirmation carefully.
  • Boarding Policy
    Please have your entire group ready to board for the time slot you have requested. We recommend that you show up 30-minutes before scheduled departure to ensure we leave on time. Any late arrivals will cut into your time slot, as we usually have groups scheduled back-to-back. All our yachts will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized upon your arrival.
  • Pet Policy
    Only small dogs are allowed. All indoor areas on the vessel will be off limits to the dog and the dog must be wearing a life jacket at all times. When the vessel is in movement, the dog must be held by its owner or inside its travel carrier/crate.
  • Can we smoke?
    Not crack, but smoking is permitted. The use of a shisha is up to the discretion of the captain. Please respect the captain's designated smoking areas.
  • Are life jackets available?
    Yes, all boats are equipped with an adequate amount of lifejackets to ensure safety of all passengers. However, not all captain's have life jackets suitable for children. If there are children in your group, its is mandatory that you bring a lifejacket for their safety.
  • How do I pay my final balance to get on the yacht the date of my booking?
    You will pay the captain the remaining balance at the time of onboarding. You will be required to provide cash or EMT directly to the captain.
  • Why is the departure time I want not available?
    This either means another booking already exists on the rental selected that may overlap with your requested time/day, or you are selecting a shorter rental duration than allowed for that departure time/date. When you send in your original request, you will be contacted with an approval within 12-24 hours. It is our duty to provide you with any explanations, answer any questions, and provide alternate time slots/dates/yachts that can safely accommodate your group size.
  • Does the rental price include a captain?
    Yes! All boat bookings include a captain and their time, who will be responsible for operating the boat. All operators of motorized boats in Ontario are required by law to have a Pleasure Craft Operator Card, which our captains have!
  • What Activities Should I Look Forward To?
    Here are some activities and ideas to look forward to on your trip (subject to weather and wind conditions) Tour the inner-Toronto harbor and surrounding landscape. Cruise the canals within the Toronto Islands. Dock on Toronto Islands and enjoy a stroll, BBQ, or land activity. Anchor and swim at Hanlan's (Nude) Beach. Cruise the scenic Scarborough Bluffs and hop in for a swim in its crystal blue waters. Dock at Cabana Pool Bar (*additional fee). You can enter the club or invite guests aboard. Travel to Bird Island to watch thousands of Cormorants roost and sunbathe. Enjoy lunch or dinner at the Islands restaurants (2 options) Cruise towards the sunset and return for a stunning moonlit view of Toronto's Downtown core. These are just a few suggestions of what your trip with us can consist of. Feel free to throw in a special request that may be granted by the captain's approval!
  • What do I not bring?
    Please avoid bringing glass bottles. Please bring cans when possible (for coolers and beer). Avoid self-tanning oils or tanning ‘bronzers’ onboard of yachts. They tend to stain the yacht’s upholstery and are difficult to remove. Avoid wearing denim or jean articles of clothing as the dyes can seep into the yacht’s upholstery when wet. Please be careful with obviously staining beverages (ex. Red wine, dark liquors etc.) When spilled they can stain the yacht’s interior and upholstery. BBQ equipment, Hookah, Shisha, or other items that utilize open flames, gas, propane, coals, etc. will be at the discretion of the captain and will be communicated to you upon request. If guests should damage upholstery, flooring, or any of the other surfaces with dye, beverages, or from smoking, captain will be requesting repair fee.
  • How do I choose a departure time?
    Boats with 4 hour minimum booking times usually operate on the following schedule: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm 8:00 pm to 12:00 pm *Please note that we may need to move your booking an hour or two in either direction to accommodate within our schedule outlined above. We book this way so we can refrain from processing refunds for any no-shows.
  • Where do we go?
    Your captain will take you to the best possible hotspots and sightseeing areas in the time allotted for your group along Lake Ontario. Some of the local attractions include: Toronto’s Center Island Downtown Toronto Skyline Cuise Scarborough Bluffs Hanlan’s Point Cherry Beach The Cove Stop-and-Eat at Cabana Pool Bar
  • Can we Jet Ski?
    Jet Ski requests and approval are available upon the decision of the captain and jet ski vendor. Please check out our Add-Ons page for more information. We collaborate with vendors that will bring Jet Skis. There is an additional fee for extra activities that you pay the vendor directly. Upon approval, we recommend reserving your add-on activities at least 48 hours prior to your departure day.
  • Where does my yacht depart from?
    Pick-up location is within the GTA. The captain will notify your group where your pick-up location will be a fair amount of time prior to your trip date. Exact location of your departure dock with directions to get there is provided and communicated with you after your deposit is confirmed. *These are subject to change as weather and water currents permit.
  • Is there a damage deposit?
    Damage deposits are not required nor included. Damage fees will be communicated directly by captain to the group before departure or in event that damage occurs.
  • What do I bring?
    Towels if you would like to swim. Swimming times and territories will be designated by the captain for safety reasons. Please bring water, sunscreen, and have a playlist on your phone if you would like to hook it up to the boat sound system. Food, beverages, alcoholic drinks etc. Additional food and beverage supplies including paper/plastic plates, cups, cutlery, napkins Additional cleaning supplies including paper towel, garbage bags, cleansing wipes etc. Additional food and beverage storing containers such as cooler boxes and bags
  • Can we bring food, drinks, and/or alcohol?
    Yes. Further instructions for storing and handling food, alcohol, and beverages while on the water will be given directly by the captain and/or first mate.
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